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Microplate readers are complex scientific research instruments that measure thousands of different applications.

Discover the technologies behind our microplate readers

Find detailed background information about detection modes, assay technologies and microplate reader technologies below.

The CLARIOstar microplate reader standing at a table in a lab. In the background is a scientist working on the laptop.

Detection modes

A wide range of different detection modes are offered on BMG LABTECH multi-mode and dedicated microplate readers.
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Close shot of the SPECTROstar Nano cuvette port

Assay technologies

Many assay technologies from companies and researchers have been certified with or developed on BMG LABTECH plate readers.
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Close shot of an open optic moduel window of the PHERAstar FSX microplate reader. A scientist is changing one optic module.

Microplate reader technologies

BMG LABTECH has become a world leader in microplate reading systems due to continuous integration of new and unique technologies.
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Close shot of someone who signs a contract


See an overview and an explanation of the different certificates for our assay technologies.
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