A nephelometer is an instrument that determines the concentration of insoluble particles suspended in a liquid by measuring the intensity of light they scatter. Nephelometers are also referred to as turbidimeters. Suspended particles are measured by employing a light beam. The light scattered by the particles is collected by a detector set to one side at 90 ° of the light source. Particle density is then calculated as a function of the light scattered into the detector. To some extent, light scatter for a given density of particles is dependent on specific properties of the particles such as their colour and shape.

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Nephelometry applications

In life sciences, microplate-based nephelometers are used in academic research labs as well as in pharmaceutical industries. They are mainly employed for turbidity measurements, drug solubility screenings, protein binding kinetics, microbial growth, and petroleum process control.


The following BMG LABTECH microplate reader can be configured to perform nephelometry measurements:

BMG LABTECH microplate reader NEPHELOstar Plus from the front view

NEPHELOstar Plus

Microplate nephelometer for light-scattering and turbidity measurements
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