BMG LABTECH microplate reader software

Powerful microplate software package with Reader Control and MARS Data Analysis Software

Extensive range of possibilities to control your reader and analyze your data

German engineered hardware is only one part of a great microplate reader -the software that runs the instrument and analyzes the data is the other. BMG LABTECH's comprehensive, multi-user software package provides all of the requirements needed to both effectively run the microplate reader and extensively analyze the data.

BMG LABTECH's software package includes Reader Control and MARS Data Analysis interfaces. Both can be installed on as many computers as the user requires, without the need to purchase licenses. The software package is included with every reader and is 21CFR Part 11 compliant.

Initial screen of BMG LABTECH's Reader Control Software

Reader Control Software

The Reader Control software has an intuitive and easy to understand user interface. Assay-specific application buttons on the main control screen allow for quick and easy access to your most commonly used test protocols.
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A laptop which shows the MARS Data Analysis Software from BMG LABTECH

MARS Data Analysis Software

BMG LABTECH designed MARS to be a unique and intuitive data analysis software. This proprietary software package is based upon the powerful MATLAB mathematics environment and offers several calculation possibilities.
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First window of BMG LABTECH's microplate reader software

Software updates

BMG LABTECH continuously strives to optimize its Reader Control and MARS Data Analysis Software package, making it even more intuitive and powerful. Updates include new software developments and new features.
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