Luminometer Plate Reader

Highly-sensitive Luminescence Plate Reader from BMG LABTECH

The LUMIstar Omega from BMG LABTECH is a dedicated luminometer plate reader which can be upgraded to also measure fluorescence intensity, fluorescence polarization, absorbance and time-resolved fluorescence.

Features of our Luminometer Plate Reader:

  • High performance thanks to dedicated measurement electronics
  • Onboard reagent injectors, variable shaking, and top and bottom reading as standard

The LUMIstar is also DLReady ™ for Dual Luciferase ® Reactions.

Our Omega series of plate readers is based on the same technology platform, meaning that you can add additional technologies at any time, such as AlphaScreen ® , TR-FRET, and UV / Vis absorbance.

Get more information about BMG LABTECH's dedicated luminometer microplate reader for luminescence assays or our CLARIOstar microplate reader.

BMG LABTECH microplate reader LUMIstar Omega from the front view

LUMIstar Omega

Dedicated microplate luminometer
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BMG LABTECH microplate reader CLARIOstar Plus from the front view

CLARIOstar Plus

Most flexible Plate Reader for Assay Development
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