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Working principle of biosensors


Exploiting the specificity of nature for analytical purposes
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Pipettes over a microplate for High-Troughput Screening

High-throughput screening (HTS)

High-throughput screening with the PHERAstar FSX
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Schematic description of the NanoBRET binding assay principle


Protein interactions using the NanoLuc luciferase from Promega.
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GPCR second messengers

Second Messenger Signaling

Detect multiple analytes in one well to increase your experimental outcome
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De- and re-oxygenation of plate readers’ measurement chamber enables in vitro ischemia/reperfusion research

Ischemia Reperfusion Research

Mimic physiological and disease gas conditions with the CLARIOstar's atmospheric control unit.
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Cell under the microscope

Cell metabolism

Measure glycolysis and respiration in live cells with a CLARIOstar.
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DNA strang

DNA quantification

DNA and RNA quantification with absorbance and fluorescence measurements on our multi-mode plate readers.
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The modified green fluorescent protein roGFP is redox sensitive

roGFP: a biosensor for cellular redox states

Monitor cellular redox changes with roGFP and the CLARIOstar microplate reader
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Wodden beer barrel

Alcohol quality testing

The SPECTROstar Nano is a perfect absorbance plate reader for beer & alcoholic beverage quality control.
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Targeted by prion diseases: astrocytes and neurons

Prion seeding assays

Find out what makes the FLUOstar Omega the go-to microplate reader for all prion seeding assays.
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Principle of protein-protein interaction assay using HTRF


Our microplate readers are the best available for HTRF measurements. Find out more here.
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